Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cameron's Video Reflection

In the video entitled Digital Generation Project Youth Portrait: Cameron, which can be viewed at http://www.edutopia.org/digital-generation-profile-cameron-video. This video was very relevant to our society today. I really learned in the process of viewing this video all the possiblilities that techonology has in a classroom and how effective of a teaching tool it can be. It was also amazing to see how young of a boy could be so adept at technology and was actually teaching adults how to use the new technology. I took away from the video how productive and active kids can be with technology and I really appreciated it because it showed how technology can span the generations and really connect us all.
This video relates to experinces in my life in that when I was in high school there were many kids doing things just like Cameron is doing. They were far older that Cameron but they were still very adept with techonology. Every Friday we had video announcements and they really made it look like a news cast from television and everyone always loved it because it was new and different and exciting and we were always proud of our classmates for being able to do this knowing that most of us could not accomplish that. This video also made a connection with me because I thought it was awesome to see a kid using technology in a positive way and not just to play games as it the conception of kids using the interenet and computers. Cameron is really bringing in the new generation of technology and how it can be used.
The implications of this video really drive home that techonology can and should be used in the classroom and it can be used very effectively. You can see in this video that using technology in making lessons interactive make students more excited to learn. With watching this video as a future educator I saw how I could get my students more involved and use all of my technology resources to make my job easier and more effective for the students. Also what I have learned will help me follow the Pedagogic creed as an educator and use all my resources to help educate the students under my care.

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