Wednesday, January 20, 2010

About Me

My name is Beth Helm. I am originally from Frisco, Texas. That is where I went to high school and basically grew up. I came to the University of Central Oklahoma to go to school and play soccer. I originally did not plan on becoming a teacher when I first came to this school but after the first semester of my sophomore year I knew that was what I want to do. I am majoring in History for Education and I plan to go on and get my masters degree in Counseling. I really want to become a teacher to help kids. I love helping people so I think I should reflect that in my professional career. I hope to become the best educator that I can!

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  1. Beth: Glad you want to be a school counselor! In the past 10 years it has been a little depressing to see how much of the responsibility for monitoring testing in schools has been passed on to school counselors. If you have not already I would encourage you to visit at length with current school counselors in different districts and at different levels. Things could change, and are different in different contexts, but it may be eye opening for you to see how much school counselor time these days is taken up by state testing stuff.