Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The video Digital Youth Portrait about Nafiza shows how a teenager uses technology in her everyday life. My most signifigant takeaway from this video is that international issues can be reached by any number of people in many different ways. In Nafiza's way we see her taking views on international issues from a techonolgical standpoint with the Darfur game. These techonology aspects help people learn about different issues in a way that can make sense to them. I think that this is a marvelous invention because we are educating people on issues they would otherwise know nothing about or care nothing about.

This connects to my own life because honestly I do not keep up with current issues. With this Games for Change contest, I think that it puts world issues on a whole new stage. The news often seems boring and can be kind of painful to sit through and really get everything out of it that you need to. With this platform people can learn more about issues in a more interactive fun setting and then they can actually get out there and do something about the problem.

With this video it becomes evident the power of a student made video on other students. We see this with Nafiza and her judging the Games for Change contest. She learned more about world issues. I think in my classroom setting this can be taken where students could make videos for a lesson. It always seems that students are the best teachers themselves, that once explained by a classmate then the class can get it. I think that that would be very effective and ultimately help the learning of my future class.

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