Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This video is about the Digiteen program that was put on by Westwood schools. Through this program students learned about what it takes to be a proper Digital Citizen. What I took away from this video is really how dangerous driving while texting is. As one of their Digiteen projects the students compiled information and statistics about driving while texting. They then compared this information with driving while intoxicated. Their findings were shocking. I could not believe it because I do text while I'm driving. While I know that this act is dangerous I still do it never realizing how dangerous it actually is. This video really opened my eyes and I'm going to think twice before I text while driving again.

I can relate to this video not only because I have texted while driving before but also because I belong to a social networking site. I have a facebook and I put pictures up and write status updates and use everything facebook has to offer. In one of the student made videos they made it clear how dangerous those sites can be if the wrong information is put up. Some people have lost jobs over inappropriate things posted or not given the job. Also lying on the page can be dangerous too, like kids on myspace lying about their age. That kind of lying can attract sexual predators. Since seeing this video I am going to make sure all my bases are covered on my facebook page so I don't have anything on there that could potentially cost me a job.

Some of the implications of this video is how dangerous the internet can actually be. There are so many people out there trying to take advantage of people and sometimes we make it easy for them. As a future educator what I can take from this is the importance of informing my students of the consequences of the internet when it is not used properly. In one of the student videos it was addressed that parents expect the schools to teach this while the schools expect the parents to teach this. This made me think, why not turn this around? I feel it is my need to make sure that the kids I teach are responsible in their internet habits and that I inform them of the consequences.

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