Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Peek For a Week

In the Video "A Peek for a Week", you get a first hand look at technology being used in a classroom and very effectivly. What I took away from this video is that technology can be used in a classroom setting and it can be used naturally and in every aspect. Always my thoughts have been that technology in the classroom causes distractions and can only be used in certain areas and takes up way too much time. However after watching this video it is evident that what I thought before is false. They use technology in every aspect of the classroom, of course also using traditional methods, but the class flows and the kids end up learning more. They even use technology to help the kids with their fitness too which I thought was cool.

This really doesn't connect with me in my own life because I have never used so much technology in a classroom until this class. I think it is amazing that these kids are able to do this and that these teachers can provide them with this. I wish when I was in grade school my teachers paid so much attention to technology because maybe now I would know a little bit more. I'm not very technologically literate, but I try. I just think that maybe if I would have had more of a focus on technology in school, because it is such a big part of our society, I might be able to do more things.

I want to use this video as an example of how I want my future students to learn. The skills the students in the video have learned are so valuable to them in the future. I want to be able to provide my future students with that kind of knowledge and know how. I want to be able to give them all the tools necessary to be able to succeed in this technologically driven world.

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  1. I agree with you i wish that as a child my teachers or parents or somebody i knew had paid attention to technology so i could have known more!