Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Technology Club

In the story about Luis we see a young kid really coming of age and finding himself with technology. He seems as if he is a quiet guy and with his hard work and determination and interest in technology he is able to find success. What I take away from this video is the fact that both of his parents are immigrants and he is able to persevere and not only help them find a place in America but also help himself and be quite successful. He is also going to be the first one is his family to go to college. You just see with Luis's story what hard work and an interest in something can do for someone.

I connect with Luis's story because like him I took all AP classes in high school and worked hard. However unlike him I really never knew what I wanted to do. Eventually when I got to college I figured it out. I just wish that I had a program like the technology club Luis was apart of that could help me find my way. With the technology club Luis was able to discover something that he loved and how he could use that in the real world. It also is helping him get to college and I think that is wonderful.

This really goes to show that schools that put effort into their after school programs really help students in the long run. However its not only the schools but the teachers that encourage the students to join the clubs and pursue what they are interested in because you never know you could make a career out of something that you love. As a future teacher I can take away from this video the importance that after school programs can have on students and their future.

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