Monday, May 3, 2010

Do They Have an App for That?

The video by Joyce Valenza was extremely informative. I think the thing I took away from this most is all of the different things avaliable to a student out there on the internet. It is just mind boggleing how many resources are avaliable out there for students. Also the value of a digital footprint and safety was a big part of the video. I found it valuable how we need to be careful what we do on the internet and the sources that we look at. All of the interactive things on the internet such as wikis I also found interesting. It was just kind of overwhelming to me and a lot to take in, but at the same time I did take alot away from it.

The way this video really connected to my own life is really when she was talking about research and citations. I have been in a class this semester where the whole class was based on a research paper. I have been doing so much research and have even utilized one of the sites that she talked about in the video. However I really felt a connection when she was speaking about wikipedia and how checking your sources was important. Also when the scarecrow spoke about how overwhelmed he felt with information, I have felt the exact same way. In the end I organized it the old fashioned way, but it could have been easier organizing it in another way that she presented.

This video relates with me as a future educator because just like Joyce I want to make sure that my students know all of the resources avaliable. Especially when I'm a history teacher and research is a big part of history. I can use this video and the research apps that she described on it. That way my students will know all of their resources and not be stressed or overwhelmed. Because as an educator I want my students to feel comfortable with assignments and know all of the ways that they can get it done. I just want to be avaliable to my students and make things avaliable for them when I'm not there. This video is very informative as to how I can do that for them.

I went and visited and found it a really cool website. I visited this website because it has the most relvance to me. This is a website that I could use on an actual basis. I typed in one of my sources for my resource paper and got a citation and I found it easy and helpful. I would reccommend this website to my classmates and future college students that need to write a research paper. I'm glad I watched this video and learned of this website.

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