Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week 15 Scribe Blog Post

In Week 15 we basically reviewed. Professor Fyer reviewed with us how to upload our unit plans to eportfolio. We also talked about our assignments and when they were all due. In addition we talked some more about our Pecha Kucha assignments and further how to accomplish those and get them done. It was a wrap up of the whole semester and making sure we were ready to finish everything we needed to. After all of that instruction we went on to view two Pecha Kutcha presentations by our classmates. The first one was about sharks and had beautiful pictures. Her information was amazing and I really learned something when listening to this presentation. The next one was about farmers in America and why they are so important to us. This presentation was very touching as the presenter brought in some of her own personal feelings on the matter since her father is a farmer. Her pictures were also very good and it was very well put together. Both presenters did a fabulous job and I only hope my presentation is half as good.

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