Monday, May 3, 2010


The biggest thing that I took away from this video about Sam was the inter-activeness of technology. Sam really exemplified how a regular student uses technology in a regular day. She uses technology to help her in activities in her everyday life. She downloaded an audio book to have it read to her because she didn't understand it the first time around. She also used technology when practicing the piano. She is finding practical ways to use what is available to her. She also uses technology for recreation. Sam really shows us a typical teen of today. They are becoming more and more adept with finding and using things on the internet and getting creative with that.

How I relate to this video is Sam's use of World of Warcraft. I have many friends that play that game and the way it was presented in this video I have never thought of before. It really is a social network and people are interacting in a healthy way in this enviroment. They play together and are able to learn team work this way. Also Sam speaks of how much she texts and I agree with that completely. No one really talks on the phone anymore. Everyone texts, its easier and faster and it is really taking over the world. I also relate to the mention of social networking sites because of course I have a facebook.

I can relate this to my own teaching practices because I can learn from Sam how the kids in my classroom are going to be. Most kids I'm going to teach are going to text all the time and always be on their phone. I have to realize that and deal with it so that it doesn't interfere with their learning. Also they are going to be very active on the internet and very active with technology. Knowing this I can apply this to my lesson plans and intergrate technology projects. Knowing the kids you teach is a very important aspect of teaching. If you don't know your audience how can you appeal to them? This video was very informative as to that information and will help me in the future.

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