Monday, May 3, 2010


What I saw as the biggest takeaway from this video is how kids can see things in different ways and thus can learn things better. This video talks about wikis and kids that create them and are learning at the same time. Wikis provided these kids to express their passions and then other kids can go look at them and then maybe understand that subject from the point of view of their peers. It is always more effective learning from your peer than anyone else. It is like they are on your level and they can better explain it to you. The kids can also collaborate and add to their peer's work. Using these techniques in school help kids learn and also learn how to work together.

This connects with my real life because this video informed me of a new way to share information. Wikis are really a foreign subject to me. I see its uses and how effective it can be I just never really knew about it. There are so many ways that you can use this internet function its really amazing because I usually use the internet for searching or emailing. I don't really venture out of my comfort zone or go out looking for new things that I could potentially use. This video just really opened my eyes to what I can do with the resources available to me.

This connects with me because as a future teacher I can use wikis in my classroom. I could create a wiki for my class where they would be able to view class content and homework and the class would be able to collaborate on there as well. I could also use wikis as a class project where kids can pick a topic they are passionate about and make a wiki around that and having their classmates collaborate on it. I just think that this would more engage my students and make the class more interesting. When the class is more interesting then students get more out of the class and learn better. Also anything with a computer these days kids automatically jump at because the internet is exciting and fun to them.

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